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Solo Travel
Travel Tips
Solo Travel: 7 Sensible Tips for a Confident Journey

Curious about what it's like traveling on my own, I booked a flight for a trip alone. This blog recounts both my observations from the Vietnam trip as well as the lessons I gained while planning.

Vietnam required travel documents include passport and vaccination certificate
Vietnam Travel Requirements

Traveling to Vietnam from the Philippines is a lot easier now, with less restrictions compared to the height of the pandemic. This is about my recent travel experience to Vietnam.

Outbound Travel Requirements 2023. Woman traveler in the airport with a luggage
Travel Tips
Outbound Travel Restrictions from the Philippines - updated for 2023

Despite travel restrictions in the Philippines have been relaxed, some documents are still needed for outbound Filipino tourists. At times, only your boarding pass will be checked but the required documents listed here have not been officially lifted yet.

How to travel to USA. Travel requirements and documents including passport, cash, airline ticket, map, camera, with air plane miniature.
Travel Tips
USA Travel Requirements - documents to prepare this 2022

What are the essential documents for US travel if you are a Philippine passport holder?

Travel documents, including passport
Travel Tips
Traveling in the midst of a Pandemic

For more than a year now, the world stayed completely still; schools shut down, offices stopped operations, people were not allowed to go out save for essential travel, and countries closed their borders. It was much like how households closed their doors.

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