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COVID-19 and Travel Insurance Policies

How the COVID-19 pandemic shapes travel insurance policies in the Philippines

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Travelers who purchased travel insurance before COVID19 spread worldwide were compensated 

Those who purchased travel insurance weeks before WHO's declaration of pandemic (let's say 2019 or early January 2020) were able to claim for Trip Cancellation or Trip Curtailment due to coronavirus. This means if their trip got cancelled due to COVID-19, their non-refundable airline and accommodation pre-paid were compensated. This is if ofcourse, if pandemic or infectious diseases are not part of the exclusions. Around February onwards, all insurance companies have explicitly stated that they will no longer cover coronavirus-related claims moving forward. This happened not only in the Philippines, but also in various regions worldwide.


Coronavirus was declared pandemic, no insurance company would cover COVID-19

Since COVID-19 has been declared pandemic by the World Health Organization, travel insurance policies issued by insurance companies worldwide have limited its coverage or excluded COVID19 coverage because the risk of coronavirus is already "anticipated." It is an action made to counter the high probability of possible claims, and we believe it is also the insurers' way of saying "let us all stay home for the meantime, until traveling is safe"


Philippines was put into lock-down and airline flights were suspended

By mid March 2020, when the Philippines has been put into lockdown, there are no outbound flights from the Philippines.  There is also no travel insurance plan that can cover COVID19


Essential travels are allowed starting July 2020

Around July 2020, the IATF has declared they can now allow outbound travelers, but for essential travels only, and it would require "adequate travel health insurance" for all outbound travelers. At this point, there is no insurance company that covers COVID-19 so travelers with important trips have no idea where to purchase travel insurance. Related story: Adequate Travel Health Insurance


Emergence of travel insurance with COVID19 cover 

In response to the Philippine government's requirement of travel insurance for outbound travelers, an insurance company in the Philippines accepted the risk to cover COVID-19. Related story: Travel insurance with COVID-19 cover



Non-Essential Travel Allowed

By October 2020, Non-Essential outbound travels have been allowed by the Philippine Government. IATF requires outbound Filipino tourists travel insurance with COVID-19 medical cover