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Where to buy travel insurance in the Philippines

If you are from the Philippines, you have the option inquire in this website or from your local agent. As if April 2021, this website is still under development. Feel free to reach out to us if you have travel insurance questions or if you need assistance in purchasing travel insurance. - Philippines' online travel insurance storeTravel Insurance Philippines is an insurance agency focusing on helping travelers find the right insurance coverage they need. We aim to help people needing travel insurance get the coverage they need safely and conveniently. 

Adapting to post-pandemic travel, its mission remains the same: help travelers find the right travel insurance they need safely, and easily.

The past months, people from the Philippines look for the travel insurance for the following:


Travel Insurance for Non-Essential Trips

If your traveling as a tourist from Philippines during this pandemic, among the various requirements you need to prepare, you also need to purchase a travel health insurance policy as required by the Philippine Immigration. Make sure that your travel insurance covers COVID-19 medical expenses in case you are diagnosed positive while traveling outside the country.



Travel Insurance with COVID coverage

In the Philippines, there are a few insurance providers that cover COVID-19 for single-trip international travels. 

Travel insurance providers in Philippines that cover COVID-19:

  • Starr
  • Assist Card



Travel medical insurance for Schengen visa application should have minimum 30,000 Euros medical coverage and insurer must be recognized or accredited by the Schengen countries.



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